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Folder Budget (7 Files)
pdf file Web_Page_Notice_of_Budgets_2016-2017.pdf
pdf file TISD_2016-17_Adopted_Budget.pdf
pdf file Budget_Summary_Report_for_Trenton_ISD_2017-2018.pdf
pdf file Budget_Comparison_16-17---17-18_(1)_1.pdf
pdf file NOTICE_OF_PUBLIC_MEETING_TO_DISCUSS_budget_and_tax_rate,2017_1.pdf
pdf file 2017-18_Adopted_Budget.pdf
pdf file Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance Government Funds for the Year Ended August 31, 2017
Folder Finance (8 Files)
pdf file DFin1750YtdcheckpaymentsPub_2016-08-31_15-34_(1).pdf
pdf file Trenton_ISD_Utilities.pdf
pdf file DFin1750YtdcheckpaymentsPub_2016-12-08_09-13.pdf
pdf file DFin1750YtdcheckpaymentsPub_2017-04-28_13-12.pdf
pdf file Trenton_ISD_Utilities.xls.pdf
pdf file DFin1750YtdcheckpaymentsPub_2017-10-30_09-00.pdf
pdf file Trenton_ISD_Utilities_1.pdf
pdf file util (recieved 2016-12-8)
Folder Required Postings (10 Files)
pdf file 2017-18 School Calendar
pdf file Board Agenda 5-15-17
pdf file Debt Transparency 15-16
pdf file Notice of Deadline to File Applications for Place on the Ballot
pdf file Superintendent_Contract.pdf
pdf file Tax_Rate_Resolution,_2016.pdf
pdf file TISD_Accountability_2015-2016_(1).pdf
pdf file Board_Agenda_4-24-17.pdf
pdf file District Report Links: TAPR, PEIMS, Accreditation, Student Performance & Federal Report Card
pdf file TISD Texas Academic Performance Report 2015-16
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